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Welcome to our Book Now page, here you will find our timetable of classes and events, both studio and zoom.

If you would like to access our on-demand classes through our yoga platform you can click here. Alternatively, read on to book studio and zoom classes! 

If you are new to Jasmine Yoga and you are booking your first class, please get in touch with us first before you book so we can advise you on which class you might like to try.

Please read below the schedule for a full list of FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book A Class?

Simply scroll through the week by week schedule, select the class you would like to join, if there are spaces available you can choose "select" and you will be asked to enter your details and pay by card. 

I've Never Been To Jasmine Yoga Before, Can I Just Book?

If you're new to our studio or zoom classes please get in touch with Jo before booking so we can discuss what you're looking for and ensure we recommend the right class for you. Our details are on the contact us page or click here.

Do You Have A Loyalty Scheme?

Yes. We offer two class passes which you can purchase above which give you 5 classes with a discount of £3. You can either buy them for our 60 mins classes OR our 90 min classes. This is well worth itif you attend regularly!

How to purchase: Select the class you would like to book, when you are at the checkout page, there is a tab called "Class Passes" > select this and the pass you want, it will then deduct the class you've selected from your total and you can purchase the pass and book your class at the same time!

Can I See How Many Class Passes I Have Left?

Yes. Either, click "view my booking" on a class confirmation email or you can login (if you haven't set a password yet but you've booked a class just select reset password to finish setting up an account) and if you click the "class passes" tab next to "schedule" it will tell you how many you have used.

Can I Book More Than One Class?

Yes. Just choose "select" on every class you want to join and then you can pay for them all together. We do ask that during this time of reduced capacity, you are mindful of your fellow yogis and try not to book up everything at once!

I Want to Attend Zoom Classes, What's Best Value For Me?

You have the option to do pay as you go zoom classes for £5 each or if you attend two or more per week, it works out great value to join our yoga platform where you get unlimited access to both zoom classes and all of our on-demand videos. Click here.

What Happens When I Book A Zoom Class?

In your confirmation email you will receive the zoom details which you can just click and join before the class. You can choose to have your camera on or off. There is no maximum capacity for zoom classes.

Can I Transfer A Class?

If you've made a mistake or no longer want to join that class, you can transfer to another class if it's the same price or lower (the difference will be refunded). If you would like to transfer, go to your booking confirmation email and select "view booking" >>> now select "ticket options" and "transfer ticket" you can now use another class.

Can I Cancel A Class?

Yes you can cancel a class up to 4 hours before the start (by 8pm the night before for a dawn flow) but where possible we would ask you to transfer as we are charged a payment fee which we sadly lose when we issue your full refund so where you can, please swop to another class following the instructions above. If you have to cancel, go to your booking confirmation email and select "view booking" >>> now select "ticket options" and "cancel ticket."

Is There A Waiting List?

Yes, if a class is full you can join the waiting list and we will notify you if a space becomes available. You do not need to pay to join the waiting list, you will see a green button called "Join Waiting List" in the top right corner of the class details. 

What Can I Do If I Need Help or Advice?

Get in touch! We are happy to advise you on classes or anything you need to make your experience as lovely as possible!

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