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Every time you come to the mat, it's a different experience.
Jasmine Yoga offers a range of classes from Dynamic Ashtanga, to Peaceful Flows, Beginners-Focused and Deep Yin. Here's a selection of the yoga classes and styles to choose from!
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Energising Classes

Dynamic Vinyasa
These classes are hot and energetically strong, so require a good level of prior yoga experience as they often include a quick pace in transitions and invite challenge into the body and breath.
Ashtanga Vinyasa
This is our most physically challenging class for 90 minutes. Rosie takes you through a traditional style of Vinyasa with a structured sequence, including flows and longer holds. You will be invited to be playful in balancing postures, binds, inversions and deep stretches to develop your practice beyond intermediate level.
Morning & Evening Flow
We develop Yang sequences into creative flows, to offer a heat building, energetic class. These classes are suitable for those advancing from beginners classes and intermediate levels.  

Beginners' Flow
We welcome you to our class if you are curious to begin your yoga journey and are keen to develop strength and flexibility and to progress into other yoga levels. You will learn core postures and popular sequences such as Sun Salutations, at a pace to help you learn and understand the benefits of yoga and techniques for safe alignment.

Dawn Flow
We are pleased to offer a shorter 45min Dawn Flow twice a week, with Jo and Steph. We will guide you through energising sun salutation flows with different variations each week.
Thoroughly enjoyed an energising and relaxing class with Joanne at Jasmine Yoga on Friday evening - an absolutely perfect start to the weekend!
Joanne welcomed us to the class warmly and led us through a fantastic class with plenty of support and more challenging options available for those who wanted to stretch themselves further! I've already booked up for two more classes this week - highly recommended!
Victoria Richley

Relaxing Classes

Yin Yoga offers an opportunity to hold mostly lying poses for approximately 5 minutes or more, enabling fascia to release in a slow deep practice. We invite a quietness into the body, mind and breath, in this very calm, introspective and personally enriching practice.
Gentle Flow
These are suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced among you who wish to move peacefully and thoughtfully through gentle flowing sequences, to stretch and find calm in body, mind and breath.
OurZen class is suitable for all abilities and experience and offers a peaceful Sunday morning experience. We flow through gentle sequences without the more physically challenging postures, and this class also includes approximately 15 minutes of guided meditation and visualisation.

Jasmine Wellbeing

We are happy to welcome Jasmine Wellbeing classes to our yoga haven, these are focused on mindful movement bring calm and nourishment to mind and body. We offer two classes a week: Moon Salutation& Yoga Nidra on a Sunday evening and Flow & Restore on a Thursday evening.

You can learn more about these classes by visiting the Jasmine Wellbeing website.

Such a wonderful warm welcome to each class, so calming and reassuring.
I returned to yoga after some injuries and Jo's class has proved a real oasis of serenity. The gentle moving and stretching help me with my other sports, running and cycling and provide welcome movement after days in an office environment.
Michelle Nicol

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