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If you haven’t practised yoga before, we offer a beginner’s class which teaches you about basic yoga breathing and philosophy and ensures your alignment is safe and strong in popular yoga postures and sequences. Our beginners class builds heat in your body and offers an energising practice. 
As a beginner you may also enjoy our peaceful, calming classes such as Zen, Gentle Flow, Flow & Restore, Moon Salutation and Thoughtful Flow. Some of these classes include aspects of mindfulness to nurture your calm breath and sense of presence in quieting your mind.
Once you begin to develop your strength and flexibility, as well as your understanding of core postures and alignment cues, then you can consider joining our Morning Flow or Dawn classes, where you will be expected to have some knowledge and a level of ability which enables you to move rhythmically through our Vinyasa Flows – breath to movement. You will of course still be helped and guided throughout the classes but the increased pace will offer a step up from the beginners level. Often these classes include breathing techniques and popular flowing sequences such as Sun Salutations.
We also offer more energetic, challenging classes for those of you with a regular practice and a physical ability that enables you to enjoy and benefit from a Dynamic Flow. These classes encourage you to be playful in balancing postures and more physically demanding flow sequences to build power and strength in your body, together with a calmness in your mind and breath. Our Hatha Power is also dynamic but requires you to hold poses building heat and strength.
Our Yin practices which are integrated into some of our gentler classes, offers you time in longer hold poses to find peace and space in your body, mind and spirit. The focus is to passively stretch the muscles, with greater emphasis on stressing the joints and ligaments. Over time, Yin yoga helps to maintain healthy, lubricated joints and a calm mind. 


Our Guiding Principles

Our main style of yoga is called Vinyasa which involves placing the body in a special way and flowing each movement fluidly with the breath. Moving from pose to pose with inhalations and exhalations invites a creative approach to the sequencing and structuring of the main flow. Therefore, you will find that each of our teachers will offer you a varying yoga experience, in terms of: content, variations and pace. The pace of breath to movement in many of our classes, means that how you place your body, and which areas you pay attention to, is of the utmost importance. We refer to this as alignment. At Jasmine Yoga, we place a lot of importance on alignment, so you will be offered specific alignment cues that encourage you to gain insight into your physicality, ultimately helping you to build strength and practise yoga safely. By understanding which muscles are involved and the overarching aim of a pose, we believe that you will develop a greater awareness of your own body and how to build strength in a safe manner.

As we move through our Vinyasa flow classes, you will be offered advice on creating strong, balanced shapes, and variations too. The aim in offering you different variations alongside the full expression of any given posture, is to promote inclusivity and help you to develop your yoga practice. We invite the use of props such as blankets, straps and blocks to help you achieve strong alignment. Not every body will look the same in particular postures because we are all so uniquely different, and this uniqueness is to be celebrated in yoga. 

We will help you create shapes with your body that are safe for your muscles and joints. An example of this might be to encourage you to keep your head, neck and spine in one straight line during a posture. It's important to be aware of your physical capacity, and we'll always encourage you to respect your body in our classes.

Energising Classes

Dynamic Vinyasa
These classes are hot and energetically strong, so require a good level of prior yoga experience as they often include a quick pace in transitions and invite challenge into the body and breath.
Morning Flow
We develop Yang sequences into creative flows, to offer a heat building, energetic class. These classes are suitable for those advancing from beginners classes and intermediate levels.  
New to Yoga
This class will help you develop  strength and flexibility. You will learn core postures and popular sequences such as Sun Salutations, at a pace to help you learn and understand the benefits of yoga and techniques for safe alignment.
Dawn Flow
We are pleased to offer a Dawn Flow twice a week with Jo and Holly. We will guide you through energising sun salutation flows with different variations to build heat and welcome in the new day.
Moving Meditation & Flow and Restore
These classes offer a peaceful flowing practice with time to relax and stretch, thoughtful and gentle in style, suitable for everyone.
Hatha Power
This is an energetic and invigorating class with Holly. A fusion of long strengthening holds and flowing sequences to build power in the whole body. Heat-building and strong!
Thoroughly enjoyed an energising and relaxing class with Joat Jasmine Yoga on Friday evening - an absolutely perfect start to the weekend!
Jo welcomed us to the class warmly and led us through a fantastic class with plenty of support and more challenging options available for those who wanted to stretch themselves further! I've already booked up for two more classes this week - highly recommended!
Victoria Richley

Relaxing Classes

Moving Meditation
The Moving Meditation Zen classes focus on keeping the breath at the heart of your practice, leading the way, enabling thoughtful postures to follow the breath in a meditative, rhythmic sequence.
Moon Salutation & Yoga Nidra
A gentle, melodic and quiet flow that allows you to move inwards to nurture a sense of peace in the mind and body. We move fluidly from side to side in a beautiful and thoughtful manner, taking time to embrace and connect with the breath. We then move into Yin postures and Yoga Nidra, a state of deep relaxation which means ‘conscious sleep’ to quieten and calm the mind, body and spirit.
Gentle Flow
A soothing and relaxing class as Faye leads you through a smooth sequence with plenty of time to restore whilst enjoying gentle movement.
Flow & Restore
This class is divided into three parts and is aimed at bringing a sense of calm and relaxation to busy, stressful lives. We begin by gently moving the body slowly and hypnotically, deepening the breath and tuning in with the sensations we experience. We then move inwards, quietening our thoughts and breathing mindfully with some gentle stretches and poses. Finally, we relax our bodies and take our minds through a visualisation aimed at reducing stress.


Such a wonderful warm welcome to each class, so calming and reassuring.
I returned to yoga after some injuries and Jo's class has proved a real oasis of serenity. The gentle moving and stretching help me with my other sports, running and cycling and provide welcome movement after days in an office environment.
Michelle Nicol

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