Special Events and Workshops

We love celebrating special occasions and running extended classes at Jasmine Yoga, read on to see what's coming up! If you haven't attended an event before, these are a lovely opportunity to gain confidence and experience with many of the core yoga poses. As always, variations are offered to suit all levels.
These events are also a great way to meet the Jasmine Community and have a chat with your fellow yogis!

Upcoming Events 

Growing in Confidence

Date & Time:

Sunday 19th April 2pm - 5pm - Tynemouth Sailing Club 

Price :

£40 including healthy snacks and refreshments

What to Expect:

Come and join us for a lovely afternoon building on the foundations of your practice. You will be given alignment cues and guidance, helping you to gain confidence and grow your practice to the next level. Pranayama breathing activities will also be explored to energise or calm the body - at the heart of your yoga practice. We will also explore props to support and develop the poses and we'll introduce you to some Sanskrit names too, as we build a dancing warrior sequence.

The Spring Mala

Date & Time:

Saturday 2nd May: 2pm - 5pm - Tynemouth Sailing Club 

Price :

£40 including healthy snacks and refreshments

What to Expect:

This is Jasmine Yoga’s special celebration of our energy and strength as we practise 108 Sun Salutations in a powerful moving meditation. We will then have some social time together followed by a Restorative Yin practice.

If you’re curious about signing up for our exciting Mala, then you can try our ‘Mini Mala’ every Thursday at 6.30pm. You will learn detailed Sun Salutation Alignment, have an opportunity to flow through the sequence, building rhythm and pace.... for a flavour of the Mala on Saturday 2nd May.

Past Events 

“What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”

A playful afternoon of arm balance and inversion, exploring ways in which we can deepen our physical practise towards these seemingly less accessible postures. Learning to take that leap of faith, that transfer of weight from the ‘usual places’ to the more ‘unusual’.  Yogis experimented with finding the internal ability to LIFT into spaces by building up trust and faith in themselves.We also acknowledged that the final ‘perfect’ posture really isn’t the point, the point is the process, the play and the discovery of new spaces in the body. This is the true freedom of learning to ‘fly’.

Yoga & Chocolate Mindfulness

A beautiful and unique event to celebrate Jasmine Yoga's 3rd birthday, In partnership with local chocolatier 'Good Tempered Chocolate', we were serenaded with live music from Andrew Lovell, during an afternoon of delights. Flowing through yoga poses, experimenting with paired work, and indulging our senses in chocolate exploration and mindfulness. 

Journey Into Silence

Saturday 19th October : Tynemouth Sailing Club - 1.30pm - 6.30pm 
This unique event is a collaboration between Jasmine Yoga and Andrew Lovell, renowned musician with M People and other international artists.
By using particular percussion instruments and his voice, Andrew will lead us to explore the sound of silence.  Imagine the brilliance felt at the sight of a wonderful sunset or sunrise; it can be breathtaking.   Either has the potential to energise us, to focus our mind or to envelop us in feelings of gratitude that we are present during a glorious splendour.  When noticed, much benefit can be achieved by being quiet and tranquil with the rhythms of nature.

Growing in Confidence

This workshop is perfect for those of you who have been coming to Beginners classes and feel curious to develop your yoga practice to the next level. We will practise alignment techniques for key postures before sequencing them into a fun, invigorating Flow. You will learn breathing Pranayama and gain an understanding of the importance of strong, confident alignment.
The mood of the workshop will focus on self-acceptance with acknowledgement of your growing physical strength and potential. We will finish with a gentle and nurturing Restorative Yin class.

From Strength to Strength

In our ‘From Strength to Strength’ workshop we will get the opportunity to explore in more depth, key components of strength building to support our yoga practice. Whether we are enhancing an existing level of strength or building up from the beginning we can all benefit from drills specifically selected to help us locate and then to activate many of the key muscle groups fundamental to our yoga practice.
We will also look at how we can support naturally fragile parts of the body one example being the wrists, an area which can come under a lot of strain as our practice deepens.

Mala Celebration 

Our Mala days are always hugely popular and fun. We will move together in a rhythmic yoga dance through 108 Sun Salutations, celebrating our energy and strength. This is an invigorating practice, wonderfully cleansing and joyful.
We close our practice with a gentle Restorative Yin practice, to soothe our bodies and nurture our minds. 

Stranded Yin Yoga

Saturday & Sunday 16th & 17th February : St Mary's Lighthouse

Celebrating Jasmine Yoga’s Birthday again inside St Mary’s Lighthouse, we practice yoga and meditation together for approximately 5 hours until the tide allows us to leave the island.

We will take time away from life’s stresses and strains to practice long passive yoga holds, allowing our bodies and minds to become still. We will then practise a deep meditation together and leave the island when the tide flows away.

Spring Re-Charge

As nature transitions from the restful dormant energy of winter, into the awakening vibrancy of spring we have the opportunity to embrace and mirror this change within our yoga practice as well. In this ‘spring recharge’ workshop we will move through two distinct styles of yoga to emulate this seasonal transition.

We will start with restorative yoga, really harnessing the nurturing aspect of winter hibernation, gradually drawing ourselves out of this peaceful stillness towards the activity and creativity of spring. We will move into a lovely rejuvenating vinyasa flow, using dynamic movement to re-charge ourselves and bring ourselves back to full power.
We will end the afternoon with a lovely long relaxation, followed by snacks and refreshments.

 Let's Twist Again!

Twisting Flows are wonderful for circulation and digestion in addition to  strengthening the whole spinal column and bringing increased mobility and flexibility by targeting the whole torso. As we twist, we encourage more efficient blood circulation to cleanse the whole body....oh and have I mentioned how much fun twisting flows are too!!
We will flow together for 90 minutes, building a twisting sequence, opening our hearts and shoulders, and bringing a sense of physical and mental well-being to body and mind.

After refreshments, we will settle into a gentle, peaceful twisting Yin practice....an afternoon of fun and balance to nurture your mind, body and spirit. 

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