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After discovering the joys of yoga a few years ago, it very quickly became something amazing in my life, something that took me away from everyday stresses and strains and brought a great sense of peace and balance to my life. I hadn’t found this same impact with previous hobbies and exercise routines. I practised Ashtanga, Hatha and Iyengar yoga but then discovered the joy of moving through postures with emphasis on the breath in Vinyasa flows.. It energised me and ignited my interest in embracing yoga fully into my life as a teacher. I trained in 2016 and launched Jasmine Yoga in 2017. It felt like a leap of faith to leave my career and embark on an adventure but what a privilege it has truly been.

I love to welcome people into our Jasmine community and to see them grow in strength, flexibility and confidence. Many feel uncertain and self-conscious at first, but have flourished into happier people with competent yoga practices, beautiful posture and a greater sense of personal resilience, self-respect and a deeper self-awareness. I am a qualified Yin yoga and pregnancy & post-natal teacher.

Describe your teaching style in one sentence

My style is fluid and rhythmic with the breath at the heart of my practice, I love to imagine creative sequences and new ways to explore the poses.

What is your favourite pose and why?

My favourite pose is Humble Warrior, Baddha Virabhadrasana. I love it because it feels grounded, strong and satisfying to breath into.

How does yoga make you feel?

Yoga makes me feel alive and strong and it helps me leave my busy mind and arrive in the moment.

Jo is an excellent teacher. She makes all classes interesting and there is always a new focus each week which is beautifully woven into the practice. 
She brings a wonderful energy to the class. The setting is also pretty magical, especially when lying in savasna, listening to the waves outside. Very much looking forward to the return of the dawn sunrise classes in April on the roof of the sailing club too.
An excellent way to start the day.
Julie Ions


I started practicing yoga in 2012, finding my way there after ten years of contemporary dance training. For the last number of years I've had a wonderful time exploring different yoga styles (Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Yin), I then realised I felt drawn to deepen my own practice and share my experiences with the addition of teaching.

I started teaching in 2017 and completed my 200 hour Vinyasa TTC in Mysore, India. My style of yoga is traditional Vinyasa which centres around strength building, through the holding of postures. Using the breath to maintain comfort (sukum) and stability (sthiram) in dynamic postures, with the addition of quick flow Vinyasa in between to energise and refresh the body. I also love vinyasa flow and yin yoga! 

First experience of a yoga class did not disappoint. 
Yoga is something I’ve wanted to try out for years, but always lacked the confidence to just go alone. This evening I attended Gentle Flow with Rosie. I was very anxious before attending, however she made me feel more than welcome explaining the class ind detail. The class was gentle, relaxing and the atmosphere was amazing. Perfect way to end a busy weekend of chasing after a one year old.
Can’t wait for my next session.
Kylie Finlay


In August 2010, I was spending the summer travelling round Spain. My travel buddy would begin each morning with sun salutations... so I decided to join her. It offered peace and quiet, whilst providing an energising and thoughtful start to the day - it was my first dabble into yoga... Little did I know that my dynamic mum would later make a life changing decision to found Jasmine!

Whilst on maternity leave from teaching English, I decided that the time was right to embark upon my yoga training. Although I’d been practising for years, I was rediscovering my post-baby body and in a way, yoga felt brand new again. Learning the science and philosophy behind it has helped to deepen my own practice and my appreciation of its benefits. I love helping people to feel happy when they step off the yoga mat - whether that's from a Vinyasa flow or a more mindful practice. Teaching pregnancy classes and sharing a little in this unique time, is a joyful experience for me. I also enjoy introducing children and teenagers to yoga and watching them blossom.

Essentially, I love so much about yoga haha!!!

Describe your teaching style in one sentence

Cultivating a peaceful strength.

What is your favourite pose and why?

I love Goddess - it just makes me smile!

How does yoga make you feel?

Empowered and utterly joyful.

Steph is a fantastic teacher... patient, knowledgeable and explains everything clearly.
I've attended a range of Steph's classes - they are all really enjoyable classes suitable for all levels. Steph is a fantastic teacher... patient, knowledgeable and explains everything clearly. I always leave the classes feeling that my mind and body tension has reduced and I'm relaxed and calm, as well as stronger and more flexible. I'd strongly recommend that people try Steph's classes. They are a great investment of your time for the results you'll see.

Wendy Berry


Through a challenging few years of suffering with mental health issues, I feel forever grateful for finding yoga when I did. It has taught me much about myself, and I am constantly learning and growing as a person through ongoing dedication to my yoga practice. I feel that yoga shows me how to love, accept and respect every part of myself.

I teach vinyasa yoga, accommodating to all levels, intertwining different intentions, pranayama techniques and the chance to connect to a deep level of peace within.

I'm looking forward to be joining the Jasmine team and introducing you to my yoga style.

Describe your teaching style in one sentence

I teach vinyasa flow, integrating intentions to make the practice more reflective and to help deepen the awareness that yoga is so much more than physical asana.

What is your favourite pose and why?

My favourite yoga pose is Dancer's Pose (nataranjasana), because i am a lover of heart openers; joining that with the challenge of balancing on one leg and focusing on the breath - there’s no room to be thinking of anything else! 

How does yoga make you feel?

Yoga makes me feel alive, strong and passionate. It is a constant reminder to keep my heart open, and to check in with how I’m feeling on a daily basis. Stepping on my yoga mat, whatever time, wherever I am, is always like a massive sigh of relief, it is always there for me no matter what.


I trained in Anusara yoga at Triyoga, which is built upon Hatha principals. After living in London for many years, I'm so pleased to have settled in beautiful Tynemouth with my husband and daughter.

I'm fascinated by many aspects of yoga, especially the link between mind and body, and what we can do to stay stimulated and well balanced. I'm looking forward to offering you a thoughtful, peaceful practice, holding poses and flowing through gentle Vinyasa sequences. I will be taking over Steph's Flow & Restore Class each Thursday evening, from September.

Describe your teaching style in one sentence

I enjoy flowing with grace, whilst integrating Hatha yoga by holding some postures a little longer to learn the key points of alignment.

What is your favourite pose and why?

Pigeon / Kapotasana is my go to pose. It releases unconscious tension and old emotions. I suffer from tight hips and I love to do it before bed and helps me sleep to better too.

How does yoga make you feel?

Yoga regenerates every cell in my body and creates more harmony on and off the mat.



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