Children's Yoga

Children's Yoga in Tynemouth

Yoga can be an incredible tool to help children to move, play, use their imaginations, express themselves and explore the world around us!

Why Yoga?

Introducing children to yoga has so many benefits:
  • It helps to build strength and flexibility in their little bodies, whilst also developing balance, stability and coordination.
  • We tell stories and use our imaginations to explore the world around us in a fun and engaging way.
  • It promotes confidence and body awareness as we investigate how our bodies bend and move, and all the magical things they can do!.
  • It can support healthier sleeping patterns through relaxation and mindfulness. Yoga has been found to promote the release of oxytocin (the relaxing hormone) and reduces cortisol (the stress hormone).

About Your Yoga Teacher Steph

Steph has worked in education for over 12 years, she taught English Language and Literature to 11 year olds through to 18 year olds at A Level and held a leadership role at one of the North East's largest schools.
Alongside this, pastoral support and care has always been very close to her heart so she took part in Counselling,Speech & Language and Mindfulness training. When she became a mum, Steph decided to pursue her other passion - yoga - as a career - and was delighted to join her mum, Jo, teaching at Jasmine Yoga.
Steph is trained in Yoga, Children's Yoga, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga and Baby Yoga.

When Are Classes?

We have lots of popup classes running over the holidays, if the class is full do add yourself to the waiting list. Click the button below to visit our schedule.
If you know of a school or organisation who may be interested in fostering links with Jasmine Yoga, then do get in touch. Likewise, if you're a parent and you'd like to discuss arranging a class then we would welcome a chat.
We offer different yoga packages, depending on what is required, and would love to talk to you about introducing the little people in your life to the fun of yoga.
Email Steph at

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