Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga in Tynemouth

Now more than ever, Yoga can be an incredible tool to help you understand and experience how your mind and body work, helping you to tackle stress, anxiety and promoting mental wellbeing.

Why Yoga?

Being a teenager can be an exciting time for discovery, greater independence and opportunity however navigating the rollercoaster of adolescence can also be very challenging… dealing with emotions, relationships and changing bodies. The demands of school and the impact of the pandemic has lead to increased stress, anxiety, and concentration issues with many of our young people. 
Stress and pressure can frequently emerge at a young age... from juggling exams, social demands and personal development, all amidst a global pandemic.. it can be really tough! 
Maths, Science, English – yes, they’re undoubtedly important but...
  • What about learning to understand how to get the best out of yourself?
  • Learning to appreciate your unique minds and bodies?
  • Learning how to juggle the demands of life?
At Jasmine Yoga we began to reflect that we need to encourage young people into yoga in order to foster happy futures.
Not only does yoga provide a physical outlet, but it helps all people become more aware of themselves physically, by building strength, stamina and flexibility, and mentally, by offering a safe space in which to relax, regroup and switch off from other aspects of life. 
It offers us life lessons both on and off the mat, encouraging us to appreciate ourselves, respect our uniqueness and empowering our minds and bodies..It's also really fun!

About Your Yoga Teacher Steph

Steph has worked in education for over 12 years; she taught English Language and Literature to 11 year olds through to 18 year olds at A Level and held a leadership role at one of the North East's largest schools.
Alongside this, pastoral support and care has always been very close to her heart so she took part in Counselling and Speech & Language training. When she became a mum, Steph decided to pursue her other passion - yoga - as a career - and was delighted to join her mum, Jo, teaching at Jasmine Yoga.
Now, after the mayhem caused by the pandemic, she'd really like to combine her love of working with teenagers and yoga.

When Are Classes?

We are currently running pop up events, check our schedule for our next class.
Additionally, if you know of a school who may be interested in fostering links with Jasmine Yoga, then do get in touch.
Suggested ages 12-16 years. No experience is necessary and we will provide all equipment, you just need to wear comfortable clothes and bring water to drink.
Classes cost £8.50 or you can buy a bundle of 4 classes for £30 and you also receive a little gift.

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