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Yoga in North Tyneside Schools

Supporting children and young people with bespoke yoga services.

Why Yoga?

Physically, yoga has an array of benefits, however we embed qualities such as resilience and kindness through the classes and help our young people to deal with and regulate their emotions.

Not only does yoga provide a physical outlet, but it helps all people become more aware of themselves physically, by building strength, stamina and flexibility, and mentally, by offering a safe space in which to relax, regroup and switch off from other aspects of life.

It’s not just about yoga on the mat, but it’s about how we can use yoga as a tool to enhance and support the emotional wellbeing of children, exploring what we learn about ourselves and developing creativity, body awareness and emotional wellbeing, to name a few.

What specific skills can yoga help with?

Yoga can help children and young people with so many areas, it's truly magical!

  • Developing concentration and processing instructions/information.
  • Dealing with emotions and raising self esteem.
  • Awareness of the body, personal space and dexterity.
  • Supporting young people with additional needs.
  • Using yoga as a restorative tool for anxiety and exam pressures.
  • Developing life skills such as: communication, listening and creativity.
  • Building strength, fitness, balance and flexibility.

What We Offer Schools:

We can cater our packages to your individual needs, there's no one size fits all. We have taught yoga to an array of ages, ranging from nursery school to sixth form pupils. We've worked with Y11, Y12 and Y13 pupils who are feeling the effects of exam pressures, Reception children to explore their imaginations and creativity and Y2 pupils focusing on navigating emotions, particularly as a consequence to Covid. We've also delivered yoga during a school holiday club focusing on health and wellbeing.

In addition we've worked alongside a charity supporting a group of teenagers who are at risk of homelessness and are disengaged from education, a group of children who have additional needs, including autism, epilepsy, anxiety and ADHD. 

  • In school yoga classes - weekly for a set number of weeks or for one off events.
  • Studio classes - a specified cohort of pupils can come to our studio.
  • Staff wellbeing classes - as part of CPD - our studio is stunning overlooking the sea.
  • School holiday classes for children and teenagers at our studio.

Why Work With Us?

We understand that schools have had to adapt to the consequences of covid and that there are yoga resources available to use. This is great sometimes, however yoga is not just an exercise, and when delivered sensitively and thoughtfully, it can be ever so effective in supporting a range of needs and challenges. We can tailor classes to suit topics or specific areas and barriers to learning identified by your school.

Steph worked in education for over 12 years, teaching English Language and Literature to 11 year olds through to 18 year olds at A Level

She held a leadership role at one of the North East's largest schools, however pastoral support has always been very close to her heart so she has qualifications in Counselling, Speech & Language and Mindfulness.

When she became a mum, she decided to pursue her other passion - yoga - as a career - and was delighted to join her mum, Jo, teaching at Jasmine Yoga.

She is trained in Yoga, Children's Yoga, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga and Baby Yoga.

Testimonials From Schools 

"Our Reception children have loved the yoga sessions with Jasmine Yoga. The calm, gentle, and yet purposeful, environment that Steph creates is accessible and enjoyable to both pupils and staff!"

First School Headteacher

“We wanted to introduce our pupils to other ways to be physically active. Yoga is very beneficial to physical and mental health, especially to our older students who have really benefitted from it. Using a local instructor has also given them access to this outside of school as well as promoting our intent of life long physical activity."

Head of PE at a Secondary School

“We approached Steph and enquired about a Children’s Yoga session during our holiday club, she was very approachable and super helpful! Steph made suggestions for the session and we worked together and devised a plan for two yoga sessions for our 22 children (two groups of 11). The children thoroughly enjoyed the session and we could really see the difference it made to their energy levels. The children continued to show us yoga positions throughout the week! We highly recommend Steph and will definitely be asking her to come back!”

Nursery School Manager

Testimonials From Our Students

“I have found yoga incredibly enjoyable, firstly in terms of reducing my day to day stress but it’s also improved my physical strength. It’s made me think about myself in a different way.”

16 year old pupil

“It’s great to do something that isn’t competitive. It gets me out my head and helps me feel relaxed.”

14 year old pupil

“I cried but not in a sad way. I was calm and sleepy.”

6 year old pupil

 "I love the games and stories! We went to space and the jungle and saw dolphins.” 

4 year old pupil

We'd love to explore how we can help you!

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