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Are you curious about starting yoga but not sure whether it's for you or do you lack the confidence to try? Perhaps you already enjoy yoga but feel like starting a new class?
You will be warmly welcomed to Jasmine Yoga, an exclusive yoga destination at the coast where your yoga journey will start at a level that's just right for you. We offer many types of yoga and class styles from vinyasa flow, restorative and yin to creative fusion classes and mindfulness. Classes are held at Tynemouth Sailing Club where we have the option of a beautiful haven inside or an extensive roof terrace outside where you can enjoy the fresh sea air! We also offer Zoom classes and a full on-demand platform of Yoga and Mindfulness videos.
*Update, as per Government Guidelines booking for roof classes is opening, classes start on Mon 29th March and indoor studio booking is open with classes to start on Mon 17th May*

Celebrating Jasmine Yoga's 4th Birthday!

Our Ethos

As a family run business, community sits at the heart of everything we do. We want every person who comes through our doors (or logs on!) to feel comfortable, confident and trusting to practice yoga with us.
As a yoga community, we respect the traditions and rituals of yoga that have evolved over many thousands of years. We weave philosophical ideas into our classes and we bring the yoga values into our teachings for life on and off the mat.
When we teach you, it's our mission to do that safely, taking account of both the traditional alignment methods, modern understanding of functional techniques and also, very importantly, the absolute knowledge and respect for each person's uniqueness. How this translates into our Jasmine Yoga ethos is that where you place your body and the angles of your hips and shoulders in a posture, are secondary to how those positions feel in your own special uniqueness. 
In modern culture, yoga imagery often glamorises extreme ranges of motion, the idea that getting deeper into postures, and looking like the images you might see in yoga magazines and books, or on social media is what we strive for and aspire to be. These images don't represent the 'norm' and in fact may demonstrate unstable, hypermobile joints and/or a huge amount of ego! 
Alignment is a part of yoga teaching, but most certainly not the only part. It's unhelpful to place high importance on doing it right, without also noticing and respecting how it feels in your unique body. At Jasmine Yoga we will help you look inward, gain insight into your own physical needs and to develop confidence to practise yoga in a way that feels beneficial and enjoyable for your individual needs on any day and at different stages in your life.

What we offer

We are lucky to have both an indoor and rooftop yoga space. As per government guidelines, roof classes will run from Monday 29th March until the indoor studio reopens on Monday 17th May. The rooftop classes will be 6 per week, at different times. Our full studio timetable in May brings nearly 20 classes per week from a range of yoga styles and rhythms. There's something for everyone whether you fancy a dynamic practice or just a lovely chill out!
In addition to this, until the indoor studio reopens we will continue to offer our full zoom timetable, and after 17th May we will continue with two zoom classes per week.
We also have a full on demand platform if you wish to do your yoga practice in your own time, at your own pace.

On-Demand Platform

In addition to studio and zoom classes we also have an extensive bank of on-demand classes which you can access via our patreon platform. This is a monthly fee and you can watch the videos as many times as you like, from any device!
We offer three packages.

Full Membership (£30+VAT)

Enjoy access to our series of videos and recordings designed to nourish the body and mind. Resources range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes and can be enjoyed at home at your leisure. This also includes access to our LIVE zoom classes each week, plus additional pop ups:

Your membership includes access to:

  • Yoga Flows for Different Levels and Moods
  • Live Classes
  • Mindfulness
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Body Scans and Yoga Nidra
  • Restorative & Yin Yoga
  • Children's & Family Yoga

Light Membership (£15+VAT)

Enjoy a lighter version where your membership gains you access to all of our popular yoga flows and calming meditations. Please note this package doesn't give access to the zoom classes, these can be purchased separately as pay as you go. Note, if you enjoy a regular zoom practice it's better value to upgrade to full membership.

Your membership includes access to:

  • Yoga Flows for Different Levels and Moods
  • Mindfulness
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Body Scans and Yoga Nidra
  • Restorative & Yin Yoga
  • Children's & Family Yoga

Pregnancy Wellbeing (£12+VAT)

Your pregnancy journey is a very unique, and at times, an emotional period, when self care is particularly important. Taking the time to nourish your mind and body can have huge benefits. This option provides you with access to:
Your membership includes access to:
  • 10 pregnancy-friendly yoga classes (most of which are with Steph who is pregnant at the time of filming).
  • 2 meditative recordings, promoting relaxation and connections with your baby.
    Information detailing yoga modifications to try during the different stages of your pregnancy.

Gift Vouchers

Why not give the gift of yoga for any special time we have a range of vouchers available for all price ranges, these can be purchase on our site and are beautifully presented.
3 60 Minute Studio Classes : £26.50
5 60 Minute Studio Classes : £40.50
10 60 Minute Studio Classes : £79.00
15 60 Minute Studio Classes : £118.50

Our Jasmine Teachers

We're proud to offer a range of beautiful teachers to guide you through your yoga journey, each teacher brings a unique style and individuality which we know you will love!

I'm not sure I can express my love for Jasmine Yoga in a brief review, but I’ll try!
I have been attending classes here for two years and I’ve never found the motivation to continue anything for this long before. Jo is the most wonderful teacher, she instils confidence and strength in to you, which you are then able to apply to your practice. After each class I feel  strong, confident and empowered, and I see improvements each week. I started as a compete  novice and I now feel like my practice has grown so much and my mind so much calmer. Jo creates classes which are personalised to suit a whole variety of needs, from pure relaxation to building  heat and strength in your body- there’s a class to suit all minds and fitness. The setting is idyllic  and despite the season, the warm welcome you receive is so inviting. Winter darkness is complimented by flickering candles and fairy lights, with the sound of the waves lapping the shore, to balmy summer evenings, watching the sun set outside on the roof, there is even a dawn practice  to start your day energised. If you are curious or even slightly nervous, just give it a go! You will not be disappointed! 
Claire Atthey

Stay in Touch

If you would like more information about what we offer, please do get in touch and we would be happy to help you.
You might also like to sign up for our monthly newsletter where we share our latest updates and information about classes, events and retreats.
I have loved every class I've attended here.
I have learnt so much and take peace from each class home feeling fitter and more relaxed. the room, the teachers the whole environment has me looking forward to the next class. Thank you Jasmine Yoga.
Stephanie Sheveleva

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"Chakra focussed beautiful flow followed by peaceful stretchy Yin, what an absolute treat. Jo is an inspiring and nurturing teacher bringing new levels to class each week in the most beautiful of venues, bliss."
Joy Sanders
"Jo's approach is hugely professional and nurturing. It is her personal touch that people love, this is what brings them back, together with her teaching skills. and passion for yoga"
Eleanor Holmes

"I have been to several yoga classes in the past but nothing like this. The setting is perfect, candles and music add to the ambience. Joanne is very welcoming and her kind, calm nature guides you through the lesson giving you a greater understanding of yoga , you body and your mind. I look forward to each yoga practice!"
Amanda Dinsmore

"My wife and I have been going since it opened in January 2017. My flexibility wasn't good with years of football and I was a bit reluctant in attending in case I couldn't fit in. However we have made lots of friends and Jo has always helped me and I'm delighted with how all the knots and tightness has gone.
I particularly like the Yin classes which are also a great way to help ease work related stresses. I'd recommend Jasmine Yoga to any men who want to become more flexible and less stressed."
Patrick Arkle
"I'm loving Jo's classes, my body is left feeling invigorated and mind calm and at peace. Surrounded by a lovely, friendly group of people and blessed with a gorgeous location. Jo is a great teacher, nurturing, patient and fun. So pleased to have discovered Jasmine Yoga x"
Louise Brown
"Fabulous morning at The Sailing Club. Joanne is an amazing teacher who makes you feel you can achieve anything. The ambience is so relaxing students so friendly and Jo what can I say about those healthy snacks lol. Perfect start to the day xxx"
Michelle Cook

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